Design the Ultimate “Man Cave”

tools on the wall

OK, so she has the upstairs desk, the downstairs crafting table, the walk-in closet, and essentially every place but the TV room, but she’s starting to think that it would  work better without the TV. Is it any wonder that he’s complaining about not having any space?

In case it’s finally gotten to that point in life where you’re realizing that, yeah, he could probably have the shed or the basement instead of just the “outdoor area,” take some advice from me, a young man who lives the man cave life: you’re going to be able to hold onto your space while giving some to him. Not sure what he’ll like though? I’ve got your back.


It’s a bit of a cliché, but statistically speaking quite a few men (and women) like beer. It doesn’t matter if you’re the red-blooded American type or the sit-at-home and read a book type; if he likes beer, then he’ll like having a bar with his favorite beer on tap in his man cave. It’s that simple.

Doesn’t like beer? He probably has some friends that do. Either way, you can stock said bar (even if the “bar” you let him have is just a cabinet) with his favorite liquor or soda. I mean c’mon, doesn’t he deserve that much?


guitar and headphone in hdrEvery man reaches a point in life where he has no choice but to air guitar while yelling the wrong lyrics along to “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin. It’s a sacred, crucial part of manhood. That’s why it’s important to take away a bit of the sadness of this image by making sure that the speakers in your man cave are loud enough to drown out the shame. There are plenty of speakers available, and great discounts for just about any of them on the low- to mid-tier. My suggestion? Despite my budget limitations, I understand how important this ritual is. I went all out and have some top-notch Bose speakers on my shelves, and they sound amazing.


Even if he doesn’t know which end of a hammer to use, it’s still important to have tools stocked in the house. After all, you shouldn’t have to call an electrician every time a light bulb goes out. If you don’t have the tools for the job, head out to the hardware store and stock up on some. Not sure where to get them? Head to the Smart Perks website and use our coupon to save 20% with Harbor Freight Tools. After all, no man cave is complete without a good set of tools.

The Special Interest

Some have six different TVs for video games; others sport sports memorabilia on their walls, and there are even a few beer and wine brewers here or there. This is the essence of the man cave: the special interest object. Whatever hobby he defines himself by, whatever work he likes to do, be it fix-up cars or lift weights, this is the spot where he’s going to cultivate and display these interests. Otherwise, what’s the point of the cave?! I have two gigantic bookshelves lined with books and vinyl records. It’s my “geeky” thing, and it makes me as manly as the guy whose cave is furnished with… say… fishing gear or monster truck posters. Why? Because it’s my special interest and just having one is enough to vouch that a man has a life at home as well as at work.Two Male Friends In Pajamas Playing Video Game Together

Beer, music, and tools aside, it just isn’t a man cave without this one essential element. Even though style and practicality are always crucial, when you’re designing the man cave for your house, make sure that your hobby comes first.


As devilishly handsome as he is clever, Jack is the excellent copyeditor for the Smart Perks team. A passionate music-listener, writer, and all-around great guy, Jack is going to help keep you in the know on fun trends and interesting ideas. 

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