The Best (Free!) Apps for Adults

Are you – like me – an adult that has only five apps on your smartphone? I have Candy Crush, Instagram, Facebook, FitBit and Bank of America. I’m told day after day that there are so many awesome apps, and hear “Have you downloaded this one?” and yet here I am with the most basic apps.

But it might be time for a change. Although there are plenty of gaming apps out there (I think Clash Royale wins the Most Popular Award at the moment?), I think I’ve been ignoring some really helpful apps that could make my life easier.

Between food delivery services and sleep schedule planners, there’s an app out there for everyone. Here are some of my most recent discoveries that are great for adults.

The App for the Knowledgeable: Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a super easily navigated app that asks trivia questions in six key categories: Art, Sports, Entertainment, History, Geography and Science. You get to play against Facebook friends, friends you already have or a randomly selected opponent (from around the world!)


Even though my sports history is shockingly limited, I still love this game because it accesses a wide knowledge base. Basically, you get a wheel with 7 slots – one in each of the categories, each represented by a different symbol. When you “spin” the wheel, you automatically land on one of the sections and are presented with a question.trivia c

For example, a sample question is, “Who invented the Chinese torture box?” (Answer…Harry Houdini!) If you get the answer right, you move on to the next round, and earn a character from that section. Collect six and you win!


The  App for the Sleepless: SleepBot

We’ve all been there: you have a great pillow (Pro tip: Check out Smart Perks’ amazing offer for the MyPillow), the best sheets, a cool, quiet, dark room – and yet you still can’t catch any zzz’s. Luckily, there are plenty of sleep apps to help figure out what’s up with your cycle of insomnia. Our favorite is SleepBot.


All you have to do is leave your phone on your bed while you sleep, and it picks up your movements and patterns to track your individual sleep habits. Its best use, aside from providing you with a log of your nighttime schedule, is you can set a time frame of when you want to be woken up. Based on your movement, the app judges when you are in a light sleeping zone, and then gently wakes you up with a song or sound of your choice. This way, you’re not hearing insanely loud bells and buzzing during the deepest sleep of your life (well, night).

The App for the Forgetful: Tile


Yeah, my keys are just over…there?

And yet again, those 3 little keys with the Florida keychain disappear yet again! Seriously, do they have feet? And why are they always in the fridge?

Tile app (which is, like the others, free for both iPhones and Androids) tracks your items you lose often. Keys? You got it. But also anything else – your TV remotes, cell phone, your kid, your car, anything! Imagine: You’ll never wander out of the mall and wonder where the heck you parked ever again.

The App for the Busy: EasilyDo


Think about how many work events, social gatherings, errands and appointments you have. If you keep track of them with a calendar, kudos. But now there’s something even easier – EasilyDo.

This app does everything a calendar does, plus keeps in check all of your emails and correspondence, reminders on social media interactions, and helps personalize your searches for what is most relevant to you. Basically, think of EasilyDo as your own personal assistant, who lives inside your phone.

Planning has never been easier!

There are a bunch of amazing apps out there. What are your favorites?

Blogger Katie U., a Smart Perks employee, may or may not be addicted to the Vivino app, which is for wine lovers.